About Us

This all began back in 2009 when myself and a friend were talking about how she always gets asked for ID when going to the shops this then sent my brain into overdrive and wondering if people would actually believe that this person was underage.

So, we decided to set up a dating profile and portrayed my friend as a girl called Annabelle who was 15 years of age looking for a friend, within moments of the profile being set up we received numerous messages off men, some were nice messages, some were your standard Hey! messages but the most prominent messages were those of a sexually explicit nature, bare in mind in the desription we actually stated that the girl was 15.


It then took me around two years to really get my teeth into this, I had this amazing idea for something but didnt know how to go about getting it out there so to speak. When it finally took off I received a largely positive reception understandably there are people who are sceptical about all of this, mainly shouting about entrapment which to clear up there are no entrapment laws in the UK that apply to members of the general public only those in the police or various other official agencies.


We never approach the people we catch first, we set up a profile and wait for people to contact us, upon receiving the first message we immediately inform the person that we are underage and it is then up to them if they wish to continue talking, we dont engage in sexually explicit chat nor do we encourage it or send indecent images, we simply keep the chat (on our part) neutral. The people we meet normally always suggest meeting the child.

When we meet the person who we have been communicating with I always assure the person that there will be no hostilities and invite the person to google who I am so they know that I am legitimate and not some hate mob that is going to attack him.

Once I have finished questioning the person they leave and their information IS always handed into the police, we cant have the police there as that would make us fall under their rules and I wouldnt be able to operate in the way that I do.


Once these people are arrested it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to hear anything back about the case but once I receive information I will of course post it up here.


Thank you all for the support you have shown.